Serial Cleaners

Here's more about artists, places and bloody movies superstylin' Serial Cleaners

The four cleaners this time around come with their very own abilities and also with dedicated graphics and music.

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Serial Cleaners just released on Nintendo Switch (or it will on October 6), PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and that's why, in the past few days, we've been offering you some exclusive content on the stylish stealth puzzler, as we both gave it a try at Gamescom and interviewed its developers from the Polish studio, Draw Distance.

"Because it's the same formula as the first game", says lead designer Krzysztof Szczudłowski in the interview below when asked why they call this Pac-Man on steroids. "You can run around, you can pick up evidence, you can vacuum-clean up [the crime scene], so it's very action-oriented, but this time we've got a lot more options to use; you can crouch, you can sprint, there are many more interactions with everything on the map, so you can choose the way to play it", and those are the steroids added this time around. "And there's somebody always chasing you", adds head of comms Ola Sondej, comparing the guards and policemen with the retro gem's ghosts.


The plural in Serial Cleaners means that it's not a multiplayer game, but that it actually is the sequel to 2017's original, now coming with four playable characters, "mentor figure Bob, street artist Lati, mafia enforcer Psycho, and hacker Viper", each one sporting their own play style with unique abilities, but also in terms of audiovisuals, as they have their very own graphics and music (the latter by Telefon Tel Aviv and NiN's Joshua Eustis).

"We were greatly inspired by 90s' cinema", Sondej points out about the stylish graphics and the many movie references within each mission, "as well as Jean-Michel Basquiat, who we have to give a big shout-out too, as he was an artist in NYC who was way ahead of his time. (...) We also have a map called Five Points", she adds about the reference to Manhattan's district, "which was like a Mecca for graffiti artists".

The interview also touches upon the non-linear story and its secrets, different endings, or character abilities. If you want more, while we keep playing Serial Cleaners for review, here's an exclusive dev-commented walkthrough of our first try at the first mission, "Back in Action", learning the ropes with Bob Cabinand and his hilarious, legendary blood-sliding ability:


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