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Here's how the DEA used Apple's AirTags

The tracking devices have been used to keep an eye on illegal activities and shipments.

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Apple's AirTags were mostly designed as a way to help find lost items, but government agencies also have a use for them, according to a new report by Forbes which has shown how the Drug Enforcement Agency managed to uncover illegal activities.

Essentially, the DEA used AirTags to track down packages that they believed would be used for illegal purposes. A machine that turned powder into pills, for example, was expected to be involved in criminal activity.

The DEA turned to AirTags over regular GPS devices because the usual devices they used didn't work at times and were less reliable. However, it seems that this pairing might not be entirely futureproof, as Apple's AirTags will notify people if an AirTag is following them, meaning they might not be the most discreet method of tracking.

Here's how the DEA used Apple's AirTags
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