Here's how Peter Griffin got into fighting shape for Fortnite

The Family Guy frontman has made his way to the battle royale.

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Family Guy has finally made its way to Fortnite. As part of the first season of Chapter 5, which started over the weekend following the latest mega event, which gave us a glimpse at an Eminem concert, teased the Lego mode, and showed off the Rocket League-like mode too, the season also brought another crossover in the form of Peter Griffin debuting as an outfit.

But as Fortnite characters all need to have similar hitboxes and because Peter Griffin is quite a large man, Epic Games and Family Guy came up with a solution, one that sees Peter arriving in fighting form.

To see how Peter got into his incredibly buff shape for Fortnite, a new short has now debuted that gives us a look at what happened to see him lose weight and muscle up. Needless to say, it involves a little bit of help from some expired Slurp Juice, because why wouldn't it?


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