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Here's how many teams will be competing in the PUBG Mobile World Cup

The event will be held at the Esports World Cup.

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Krafton has announced that 24 teams will be jetting off to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this summer to compete in the PUBG Mobile World Cup being held as part of the Esports World Cup. The event will feature a $3 million prize pool, and will see 24 teams from around the world competing and looking to take home the lion's share of that prize pool.

As for who has qualified for the event, this has yet to be confirmed. However, 4 teams are coming from the EMEA region, 3 from the Americas, and then a whopping 17 from the Asian divisions.

In terms of how the event will be structured, There will be a group stage held first where the top 12 teams advance straight to the main stage section, while the bottom 12 head into the survival stage to compete against a further 4 teams from around the world. The top 4 teams from the survival stage will advance to the main stage section to join the top 12 group stage teams.

The exact list of teams who will be attending the event have yet to be determined, but we'll know more as we get closer to the tournament itself this summer.

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