Expeditions: A MudRunner Game

Here's how Expeditions: A MudRunner Game differs to MudRunner

We caught up with Saber Interactive to learn more about the spin-off title.

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During the busy week of Gamescom, Saber Interactive revealed that it is working on a spin-off of MudRunner, a game that will be looking to tap into the simulation driving space once again. But, for those wondering how this game will be different from that main title, we sat down with Saber's creative director, Oliver Hollis-Leick, to learn precisely this.

"So the nice thing about Expeditions is, if you've played SnowRunner, you know it's a very intense simulation game about climbing difficult terrain, moving around, moving vehicles. So where Expeditions differs is it's creating a more adventurous spirit," said Hollis-Leick. "So in this one you're using technology to find particular objectives, could be things like mineral deposits, going through lost ruins and deep dense jungles and arid rocky deserts, all in the name of science really. So it's much more themed with the adventurous pioneer spirit."

With this spin-off title on its way, we asked Hollis-Leick about what the future of SnowRunner will look like and if the team intends to keep supporting the game. We were informed, "SnowRunner is a well-loved game with a big fan base and it's definitely our intention to continue to support that."

With this in mind, we also asked whether there would be any crossovers between SnowRunner and Expeditions, to which Hollis-Leick told us, "That's not for me to say right now."

Catch the full Expeditions: A MudRunner Game interview below for further information on the upcoming title.


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