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Conan Unconquered

Here's 20 minutes of Conan Unconquered co-op gameplay

Funcom and Petroglyph show us how you and your buddy can team up to defend a fortress when the game releases this month.

Conan Unconquered, an RTS game in the Conan universe coming from Petroglyph Games and Funcom, is due for release on May 30, and now we have a brand new video showing 20 minutes of co-op gameplay, which you can see below alongside some new co-op screenshots.

You can work with a friend in this game to build a base and fight back the invading forces, with Petroglyph designer Renato Orellana and Funcom community manager Jens Erik Vaaler collaborating in this video to show you how it works.

Considering the waves get harder and more ferocious each time, having the help of a buddy might be just what you need to survive. For more on the game as a whole though, be sure to check out our preview from April.

Do you know who you'll play with?

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Conan UnconqueredConan Unconquered
Conan UnconqueredConan UnconqueredConan Unconquered

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