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Here is some info on The Division update 1.7

Global Events and Commendations detailed.

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Last week Massive Entertainment invited The Division community members to Ubisoft for their input on shaping the new 1.7 update. A youtuber called Arekkz has now provided a video about what to expect.

Two new systems will be added with the 1.7 update: Global Events, that were formerly known as Seasons, and Commendations that were formerly known as Feats.

Here are some notes provided by Arekkz about these new modes.

"Global Events (8:00)

*They occur once a month and last for one week (duration may vary to coincide with seasonal events).
*Global modifier applies to ALL PvE content (positive modifier designed to make things more fun).
*During the event a specific set of activities is put into a playlist and you can ADD an additional 'Activity modifier' to add a more challenging twist OR add a 'Group modifier' to add group mechanics on top.
*Modifiers increase the chance to get better rewards at the end.
*During a Global Event, you will be able to earn a new type of STAT ITEM that will help develop your build further.
*You will also be able to get a new type of Vanity Item(this is different to the ones earned from Commendations).

Commendations (16:35)

*These are an achievement type activity that encourage you to grind in order to complete them.
*Some Commendations reward you with completion points to increase your overall score (bragging rights)
*Others will reward you with a new type of vanity item (different to the vanity items we have right now).
*There are LOTS of commendations. Some are easy and will complete passively, others will force you to play a different way and will be very challenging.
*With Update 1.8, players can expect new Rogue Mechanics along with other features and various content."

There is also the first The Division Year 2 expansion coming this summer, and it will be free. The second expansion is also free and is expected to arrive this autumn or early winter. Neither of these will include new maps or level caps.

The Division

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