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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Here is GR's commented gameplay demo of Xenoblade CDE

Watch the first two hours of the Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch played by a n00b and commented by an expert.

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Even though some of Gamereactor's employees are gradually returning to their respective offices all around Europe, it's not yet recommended to share, say, a couch co-op session in front of the GRTV camera. That's why the following stream, thanks to some tech-wizardry, was held live with David Caballero playing Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the very first time from the Spanish office... with our JRPG expert Juan A. Fonseca live-commenting on the in-game events from his place in Antequera (Málaga). Now, that's how you keep social distance.

Watch on to learn all about the acclaimed Nintendo Switch remaster (as this is full of tips, tricks and hand-holding) and have fun while you ready yourself for the 100+ hours adventure together with Shulk and the Monado sword. And for more on the game, don't forget to check out our Xenoblade Chronicles DE review over here.


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