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League of Legends

Here are your League of Legends Worlds Finalists

The main event is looking to be a Chinese vs. Korean showdown.

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The spots in this year's League of Legends Worlds finals have been filled, seeing a battle for the Asian region set to take place. Korea's own DAMWON Gaming will be facing China's Suning, after last weekend's semi-finals saw the last hope of the west, G2 Esports, and a second Chinese roster, Top Esports eliminated from the event.

The semi-finals ended up being relatively one-sided, with both finalist teams beating their counterparts 3-1. DAMWON took G2 out of the running, in a match series that made the 2019 runner-up look out of their depth. Suning beat Top in a more competitive series, however, the Chinese finalists did look to be the more formidable team across the board.

With Finals set to take place this Saturday, October 31, it's hard to tell which team is the favourite to win. Either way, for whichever team you plan to support, make sure to check out the series here, which starts at 10am GMT.

League of Legends
Photo: LoL Esports

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