Luigi's Mansion 3

Here are three of our own Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay clips

Luigi is back bustin' some ghosts, and we've got an idea of how the game plays with three videos showcasing what's ahead.

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Luigi's Mansion 3 is getting ready to reintroduce us to paranormal hijinks on October 31, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, but right now we've got three new gameplay clips to show you, giving a taste of the ghost-busting action that you can expect when the series returns on Halloween.

The first of these clips shows a pumpkin-smashing boss fight, and as is normally the case with games, a co-op buddy is rather useful. You see, our friend Gooigi can actually distract the ghost while we concentrate on sawing the stalks to take it down.

It's not all boss fights in Luigi's journey though, as both he and Gooigi can also partake in puzzles too, with the seventh floor gameplay below illustrating what we mean. There are pipes everywhere (remember Super Mario Bros. 3?), and Gooigi's goo proves quite useful in getting around obstacles. Oh, and there's some combat as well, as we take on some pesky spectres.

While the chainsaw might be more at home in something like Doom or Resident Evil 4, Luigi can still put it to good use, as it makes short work of grass, furniture, bushes, structural supports, and pretty much everything else. There are even watermelons in the video below, although they're not your standard size...

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Luigi's Mansion 3

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