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Star Wars: Squadrons

Here are the revealed squadrons from Star Wars: Squadrons

Here are the squadrons that have been revealed to join the roster of Star Wars: Squadrons.

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Yesterday, Star Wars: Squadrons was announced, a game dedicated to Star Wars space battles where you'll get to play as both New Republic and Galactic Empire after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. But what ships will we be able to fly in the game? No less than eight squadrons have been revealed so far, four from each side:

Star Wars: Squadrons

New Republic

  • A-Wing
  • - Extremely fast, but notoriously hard to manoeuvre and lacks astromech droid
  • U-Wing
  • - Mainly a troop transporter, known from Rogue One, but also used in battles
  • X-Wing
  • - The most iconic Star Wars squadron of them all
  • Y-Wing
  • - Bomber squadron known to actually be quite agile

Star Wars: Squadrons

Galactic Empire

  • Tie Bomber
  • - Bomber squadron with enormous destructive power
  • Tie Fighter
  • - The classic Star Wars cannon fodder, that is actually la really lethal tool
  • Tie Interceptor
  • - Super fast and better armored Tie with superior maneuverability
  • Tie Reaper
  • - Mainly a troop transporter, known from Rogue One, but also used in battles

Hopefully, there will be even more additions to Star Wars: Squadrons, as we cannot be the only ones who are dreaming about piloting a Tie Defender or even a Tie Phantom...

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