Her Story

Her Story gets Android release

Acclaimed detective game arrives on the platform a year after initial launch.

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Her Story, the acclaimed mystery game from Sam Barlow, is out now for Android devices.

The award winning game is currently £2.69 and gives mobile players the chance to enjoy a game so well-received when it was originally launched in 2015.

It plays like an interactive true crime documentary, allowing the player to access police databases with live action footage to go with it. It also stars Viva Seifert as the lead character.

The player is tasked with piecing together the story of a British woman whose husband has gone missing, using interviews and evidence in order to solve the mystery. We quite enjoyed it when first released and if you've got an Android tablet and a curious mind we'd recommend it.

Her Story

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Her StoryScore

Her Story

REVIEW. Written by Fabrizia Malgieri

"Charming, cryptic, mysterious, intriguing. Is Sam Barlow's crime story a new frontier for the interactive/narrative game?"

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