Henry Cavill won't return as Superman after all

He's instead being replaced with a younger version in one of the first DC movies under new leadership.

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When James Gunn, who recently became one of the leaders of DC Studios and the superhero universe's cinematic future, announced that Superman is an extremely important part of his plans many believed and hoped this meant Henry Cavill would be allowed to make his previously revealed return in the role despite clear indications of otherwise. That makes the latest update all the more disappointing.

Henry Cavill has gone on Instagram to confirm he won't return as Superman after all. This after having a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran about it. The Brit's message was posted shortly after Gunn revealed the new DC slate is finished and that one of its first projects is a new film about a younger version of Clark Kent's caped adventures. We'll learn more about this and the other projects set to kick off the new era early next year.

Henry Cavill won't return as Superman after all

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