Henry Cavill teases Mass Effect role

Because Superman, Sherlock Holmes and Geralt of Rivia aren't enough.

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By playing famous characters such as Superman, Sherlock Holmes and Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavill sure has proven to be fund of playing established characters and being in beloved universes. Now it's seems like another one is on the way.

Henry Cavill teases Mass Effect role

Some friends over at Gamepressure noticed that the Brit has posted the following picture and message on his Instagram.

Henry Cavill teases Mass Effect role

While it might not look like anything really interesting at first glance unless you're a huge fan of Cavill's work, some words and sentences are readable enough to get a Mass Effect-fan's heart pumping. "Cerberus to take over", "Tali'Zorah", "Geth" and "The Reaper" are all things from Commander Shepard's universe. In fact, it would seem that the talented actor wanted to tease without showing us an actual script as it seems like he's just copied the third paragraph of the plot section of Mass Effect 3's Wikipedia page. Is it a part in the upcoming game, a movie or a TV series? Who will Cavill be? I don't know, but it sure has made me curious. What about you?

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