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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Help us test CS:GO servers today at 2pm and win €100

We're running a big test of our new CS:GO servers, and want to reward those who help us!

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As you may have seen before, we like to run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments at Gamereactor, which take place on our own servers. Lately, there have been some upgrades, re-routings and technical maintenance, and we will need to test "at scale" as the improvements continue.

We therefore need your help. And we need it fast. Today, September 19 at 2pm, we're running a test on our servers, which you can access via our tournament page right here.

You'll register on the site before the test starts, and the link above will explain exactly how you'll participate (it's a longer spiel, but the shortened version is that you can either participate alone, where you're matched with someone else, or with a buddy).

The test tournament will be a "last man standing" affair, and that means the last team left will win €100.

We hope to see you today at 2pm, either alone or with a friend! If you need more information, you can also drop by our Discord, where there's plenty of concrete information to be found.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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