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Help choose the Ferrari model to come to Assetto Corsa

There's already some that have been decided.

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The official Facebook page for racing game Assetto Corsa has revealed a new DLC pack in development for the game, called the Ferrari 70th Anniversary pack, one that will see a number of classic models introduced to the game.

That's not all, though, as the post also says that the team wants the community's help: "Ferrari have agreed to allow our development team to reproduce the most voted-for model to appear in Assetto Corsa and YOU have the unique opportunity to vote for your favourite. Submit your vote now by clicking the link here and selecting the car of your choice. And then... Keep your fingers crossed! The poll will close on July 9, 2017, and the winning car will be announced as soon as possible."

The pack will contain seven of Ferrari's most iconic cars, including the following:

* 1962 250 GTO
* 1967 330 P4
* 1967 312/67
* 1984 288 GTO
* 2004 F2004
* 2017 812 Superfast

Which car will you be voting for?

Assetto Corsa

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