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Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 launches in December, but you can play the beta now

Pre-ordering the game gives you early access to the final version and more.

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We already knew that Hello Neighbor 2's beta would be this weekend, but that's not the only treat tinyBuild has for us.

The studio celebrates the start of the beta by also announcing that Hello Neighbor 2 is set to launch on December 6. There are a few ways to play it before that, however. One of which is to pre-order the game. Doing so will grant you access to the beta. You don't even have to fear ruining the final game for yourself, as it's apparently a spoiler-free beta. The only downside is that it doesn't include certain mechanics like being able to break windows and boxes, but these will be ready by launch.

If this leaves you wanting more, pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition might be a good idea, as it'll give you access to the full game on December 1 and the three additional DLCs shown in the image at the bottom of this article.

Hello Neighbor 2
Hello Neighbor 2

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