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No Man's Sky

Hello Games tackles No Man's Sky crashes in new update

Following the massive 'Beyond' update for No Man's Sky, players have been experiencing issues with the game on console with crashes being the main problem.

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Playstation 4 and Xbox One players who were eager to drop into the vast space of Hello Games' No Man's Sky following its massive update titled Beyond have been experiencing game crashes. The update has been live for just about a day and if you were having issues with the game, an update has been released that's supposed to fix these issues. Hello Games stated the following in its 2.04 patch notes:

"Thank you so much to everyone playing, and especially to those reporting any major issues they've encountered via Zendesk or console crash reporting. All the information you provide really helps us track down and tackle problems quickly".

"We have been working to address a number of the reported stability issues, and have released a patch, 2.04, to PS4 and Xbox One".

You can read the patch notes here.

No Man's Sky

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