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No Man's Sky

Hello Games details extensive changes made to No Man's Sky

There's a lot to tell you about the Beyond update, so strap yourselves in and get ready to return to NMS.

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If you're a keen No Man's Sky player then no doubt you've been eagerly awaiting the launch of Beyond, the next major content update for Hello Games' much-improved sci-fi adventure.

If you want all the details, we'd recommend heading over for the full patch notes experience, which is detailed and well-presented to an extent that you don't normally see. As we've noted before, Hello Games has really stepped up its game since the trouble launched of No Man's Sky back in 2016, and increased quality in terms of presentation is just one part of that general improvement.

As for the new content coming to the game, there's plenty to tell you about. For starters, getting into the game should be easier for newcomers, after the studio improved the tutorial section of the game to better explain its many working parts. In fact, many of the improvements made in the Beyond update can be filed away as 'quality of life improvements', with interface refinements, and an increased storage limit (you can now store up to 10,000 units of a resource before it takes up a second slot, up from 250) top of the list of most wanted changes.

Unlockable technology trees are joined by new crafting recipes, plus base building has been enhanced with fresh options, you'll encounter NPCs with new missions, plus players will be able to find new things to do at The Nexus social hub on the Space Ananomly (and the player count on console has doubled to eight, and it's up to 32 on PC).

On top of all that there are improved space flight and combat controls, VR tweaks, new story content to better unite the game's various narrative strands, uninterrupted mining is now possible, and new features have been added to reduce the amount of grinding that one has to do to get ahead in the galaxy. Phew.

That was obviously a very truncated exploration of what's included in the Beyond update, and for all the latest updates to No Man's Sky we'd recommend taking a proper look at the patch notes.


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