Hello Again

Hello Again wants you to break a time loop on a relaxing island

The indie game is coming from a single developer and is claimed to be 3-4 hours in length.

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The solo developer Dwight Davis is looking to entertain you for a night or two next year. As part of the Day of the Devs showcase, we've just been shown a glimpse at Davis' upcoming project Hello Again, a title created by his studio Soup Island.

This is a small indie adventure that is claimed to last 3-4 hours in duration. We're told that the gameplay involves players being tasked with breaking a time loop all on an island that is relaxing and soothing, and packed with strange locations to explore, eight characters to meet and befriend, plus clockwork puzzles to crack to break the loop. Although we're not sure we'd want to break the loop and leave this delightful island.

Hello Again is coming to PC next year, and with the reveal in mind, you can see a few images of the gameplay below.

Hello Again
Hello AgainHello Again
Hello AgainHello Again

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