Helldivers II

Helldivers II's new Warbond will make killing bots a breeze

Live out your best Snow Trooper life in the Polar Patriots Warbond.

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A new Premium Warbond is heading to Helldivers II next week. Acting as Premium battle passes, essentially, a Warbond comes with new skins, weapons, and more for you to dig into. If you're a fan of snow biomes and suits to keep you warm, let's hope you've saved up enough Super Credits.

Three new primary weapons are heading to Helldivers II, including a new assault rifle, submachine gun, and plasma gun. Also, even in the cold you can turn up the heat with the new incendiary impact grenade. Finally, there's a new pistol for you to use as well.

Polar Patriots releases on the 9th of May, check out the trailer below for more details.

Helldivers II

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