Helldivers II

Helldivers II updates won't be coming at you quite as fast in the future

Arrowhead Game Studios is taking its foot off the gas pedal.

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In the first months since the launch of Helldivers II, we got some pretty major game updates. A mech was added, weapons that were incredibly strong were rendered practically useless, and some players struggled to keep up with everything going on.

Now, however, it seems that the developer behind the game is looking to slow its roll of updates. Helldivers II community manager Twinbeard posted on Discord (via PC Gamer) that this was indeed the plan.

"We want to take some more time for this one and potentially between future patches," Twinbeard writes. "Since we feel cadence has probably been a bit too high to be able to maintain the quality standard we want and you deserve. Patching a lot can easily disrupt work flow and takes more resources than you might think. It needs planning, implementing, monitoring, possible tweaking in hotfixes etc. For this one we prefer to stretch it out a little, hopefully with a good result."

There's no word on how long these patches will take to come now, but it seems that a lot more thought will be going into them. Hopefully, this won't slow down game master Joel's work in giving us fresh missions to go on.

Helldivers II

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