Helldivers II

Helldivers II players will get a 'review bombing' cape

The cape will immortalise the PSN fiasco and it looks pretty stylish, too.

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Arrowhead Game Studios is always aware of what its fans are talking about, and considering it is going to be kind of hard to forget about the whole PSN thing from a couple of weeks ago, the team working on Helldivers II have decided to make something out of it.

As tweeted by Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt, it appears players will be getting a new cape to remember the PSN debacle by. It is a black cape with two red lines representing the negative review scores the game got on Steam following Sony's decision to force players into linking their game with a PSN account.

Helldivers II has immortalised big events in the past with a free cape. Malevelon Creek veterans still wear their capes proudly to this day. This will mark the first time a cape has been made for a major event technically taking place outside of the game, though. Hopefully, we won't have another disaster that needs its own cape for some time.

Helldivers II

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