Helldivers II

Helldivers II passes 150k players on Steam

The sales figures are also at around a million units sold.

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Helldivers II is the surprise hit of the month, by the looks of things. The sci-fi bug-killing bonanza has been destroying previous Sony records on PC, and it seems that trend has continued over the weekend since its release.

Right now, the current peak player count for Helldivers II sits at 155,926. This beats out God of War's PC player count by over 80,000, which is pretty impressive considering Helldivers wasn't exactly the biggest franchise going into its release.

According to Arrowhead Game Studios' CEO as well, Helldivers II has apparently sold around a million copies. He's not sure why Sony hasn't yet shared the success of the game, but it's clear from the numbers we can see that it is doing well.

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Helldivers II

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