Helldivers II

Helldivers II mod turns the game into a Star Wars dream

Play as Clone Troopers, fight droids, save the galaxy.

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While Helldivers II players are still loving Arrowhead Game Studios' own sci-fi universe, many who have been serving Super Earth have wondered about this type of game fitting other space-faring franchises.

Now, thanks to YouTuber ToastedShoes, we get a look at what Helldivers II would be like with a Star Wars flair. Letting you deck yourself out in Clone Trooper armour, you can dive down from a Star Wars cruiser onto the front lines, facing plenty of newly skinned enemies, including battle droids.

At the time of writing, the mod isn't yet publicly available, but ToastedShoes has let us know that the public release is coming very shortly. To see all the Star Wars Helldivers goodness, check out the video below:

Helldivers II

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