Helldivers II

Helldivers II is looking for a solution to the "kicking" of team members during a mission

Fighting for democracy only to get kicked out of the lobby by some idiot for no reason and lose your samples and experience, but Arrowhead is going to put an end to that.

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There are few things more annoying in multiplayer than being deliberately kicked out of a game, especially when you've contributed to the common effort by getting items and experience to share with other players. There are games that try to reduce this tendency by introducing arbitration or a complaint system for those affected, but Arrowhead is looking at how to do this in a different way.

Helldivers II is no stranger to this. It's a rather stupid practice in the space shooter, because all the loot earned goes to all team members in full, without splitting it up. Still, there are individuals who "punish" others for no reason in their lobbies, kicking them out right at the end of the game, before collecting the reward. And the study is going to settle this issue.

According to a post on the Helldivers II subreddit, one option would be for the banned player to still take 25% of the experience and tokens collected in game, even if they are banned from the game. The inspiration for this would come from another space-based multiplayer title, Deep Rock Galatic. The introduction of a reputation system for players is also being considered, but this would perhaps create other "meta" issues with the community. In any case, Arrowhead Studios is still evaluating possible solutions and working on it.

Have you been kicked out of a game in Helldivers II for no reason?

Helldivers II

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