Helldivers II

Helldivers II is already Sony's 7th highest-grossing published game of all-time

And both the PC and PS5 versions are massive hits.

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We've had very little reason to doubt that Helldivers II has been a massive success for not just developer Arrowhead but also Sony as a publisher. Ever since the game arrived in February, it has routinely had hundreds of thousands of players logging in on a daily basis and looking to defend democracy, which is why analyst Mat Piscatella's latest titbit of information shouldn't blow us away either.

The trusted industry analyst has stated that Helldivers II is already the 7th highest-grossing Sony published game in history. That's both taking into consideration the PC and PS5 versions of the game, but he does clarify that both versions are doing absurdly well and that each version alone is finding enough success that they would be the best-selling game in the US year-to-date.

If the rumours about Arrowhead and PlayStation looking to develop Xbox versions of the game are true, we could be looking at Helldivers II quickly continuing to climb the all-time grossing list, not that it needs the help of additional platforms currently, as the game continues to thrive on PlayStation and PC today.

Helldivers II

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