Detroit: Become Human

Heavy Rain, Detroit, and Beyond: Two Souls getting PC demos

All three games are heading to PC via the Epic Games Store this year, and we know that we're getting free demos for each of them.

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Back in March Quantic Dream surprised us all by revealing that Heavy Rain, Beyond, and Detroit are all heading to PC this year, and now we've heard via a new trailer that all three games are getting free demos as well, letting you try them out before you buy.

These titles will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store, and from May 24 you can try a free demo for Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls also gets a demo on June 27, with Detroit: Become Human getting one at an unspecified time in the summer.

This matches with the staggered release too, since Heavy Rain is launching on June 24 in full, with Beyond: Two Souls coming on July 22. We don't know a release date for Detroit: Become Human other than autumn, however.

Back in January we heard that Quantic Dream will be releasing future games on multiple platforms and that they'd partnered with NetEase, so it'll be interesting to see what lies ahead for the studio.

Which game are you most excited to play?

Detroit: Become Human

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