Heave Ho

Heave Ho swinging onto PC and Switch on August 29

The multiplayer game even has a Party Demo available right now, showing off the concept ahead of release.

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Le Cartel and Devolver Digital have revealed that their physics-based multiplayer game Heave Ho is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on August 29, with a Party Demo available right now on Steam so you can test the concept out ahead of release.

Up to four players can try Heave Ho at any one time, and you have to grip each other while ensuring you don't fall to your doom. Simple, right? Well, it's easier said than done, and you can customise your experience with accessories to make sure you look stylish while you're swinging, clutching, and grabbing.

Heave Ho will cost £7.19 ($9.99 USD), and you can find a brand new trailer down below, showing what kind of multiplayer chaos you can expect later this month.

Will you be playing this with your friends?

Heave Ho

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