Heave Ho

Heave Ho is a "couch cooperative feel-good game"

During PAX East we caught up with Le Cartel to talk about their odd new title Heave Ho, packed with colourful characters and environments.

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Not too long ago we talked with Alexandre Muttoni, the co-founder of Le Cartel, about the studio's upcoming title Heave Ho, which will feature strange creatures (who sort of resemble Geodudes) in an experience that will be "a couch cooperative platformer feel-good game", as Muttoni explains.

As well as the unusual creatures, Heave Ho will have a different art style to most games. The sketched art style was an impromptu choice by the developers, or as Muttoni described it, "I'm a big fan of Pikuniku, so I tried to experiment". For those wondering, the art style resembles that of a notebook drawing.

So how exactly does Heave Ho play? The idea is to work together to move through a level and make it to the finish without killing each other too often. "You're supposed to work with your friends, the goal is to reach the exit together, but it is still fun to drop your friends into the void," as Muttoni told us.

Heave Ho will be playable across both PC and the Switch. "Gameplay has been adapted for Joy Cons and will support up to four players at launch, although we are maybe planning to go up to eight players". Even if you're playing alone though, player ghosts will be available at launch.

As for when we will get to see the title actually on the market, Muttoni shed some light on the matter, saying that "we plan for a launch this summer, maybe July or August and we plan to keep working on the game if it is a success".

Will you be having a grab at Heave Ho when it launches?

Heave HoHeave HoHeave Ho

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