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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone's Dirty Rat involved in match controversy

The NA vs CN match didn't go particularly smoothly.

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In a recent NA vs CN Hearthstone match there was some controversy surrounding a particular move made by Chinese player Lvge, when he played Dirty Rat on the second turn (you can watch it here).

Team NA player Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk was among those who claimed that Chinese teammates and casters were yelling to play that particular card, however, and the Lvge heard them and played it accordingly, prompting Reynad to post a series of tweets complaining about it.

"Every Chinese event there's this b******. Why do they never get punished for it?", reads one tweet. "Awful play that only works well with that info. You have kazakus, but want to risk losing the game. Twice in the same situation," read another. "Both times the Chinese team have a nutty turn 2 Dirty Rat his team screams it a few feet away from him. Get kindly asked to quieten down."

Fellow Hearthstone player Keaton "Chakki" Gill also posted his thoughts about the situation online, saying: "Figured I would post my context to the situation since there's a lot of conflicting info on Reddit. Here's my POV: The only sound in our headphones was hearthstone music/game sounds (no white noise). Big thing is that Lvge hovered and pulled the Dirty Rat out of his hand, then put it back. After he grabbed the card, the Chinese casters went crazy and it was very easy to hear them. After the casters yelled, Lvge threw out the rat. You can clearly see him hovering it out of his hand in [the] clip."

"I didn't see if the Chinese team said anything but my team said they were being very loud discussing whether Ooze or Rat was the play that turn. After the play, I actually yelled at the casters "Yell louder next time, I couldn't hear you well" sarcastically. It feels hopeless to call an admin when you know nothing will be done about these situations (my team contacted the admin to complain), and the game was pretty much lost for me at that point. Anything short of a gameloss/regame was pointless as the game was tournament point for the Chinese."

"Anyway, we reported our complaints to the tournament staff and they will hopefully improve things in the future. Not much more to be done, congratulations to the Chinese team on an otherwise well played tournament. And thanks to the staff for making our stay in China great."

Did you see the incident?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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