Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Nationals taking place in June

These are for all players in the seven featured countries.

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Blizzard has taken to the Hearthstone blog to reveal Hearthstone Nationals, where competitors from seven countries in Europe can compete for the chance to prove themselves.

These countries are France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the UK, and on the blog there's a link for players to register, whether they're veterans or just newbies wanting to give the competition a go.

Registration isn't all you need to do though, as once registered you'll need to earn Hearthstone Championship points. From now until the end of May the 64 registered players with the most of these points will then qualify for their nation's competition, and you can earn these by placing highly on the Ranked Play ladder during this period and by taking part at HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour) Tour Stops and Summer Playoffs.

Online finals will then take place in these Nationals between June 23 and 24, with the first day featuring a Swiss format stage, the top eight players then advancing to a single-elimination bracket on the second day. There's a $5,000 USD prize pool up for grabs too, if you needed more motivation.

The full rules can be found here if you're interested. Will you be taking part?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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