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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroic Guide: Blackrock Mountain Part 4

How to beat the four Heroic bosses in Blackwing Lair with budget decks.

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If you've not already done so, we suggest you take the time to have a read of our Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 guides... Done? Good, then let us continue.

The fourth wing for Blackrock Mountain finally puts us at odds with Nefarius (or Blackwing), but before you confront the evil dragon, you will have to defeat three of his generals. This means that contrary to the other wings, Blackwing Lair includes four bosses to defeat, all related to dragon classes. As always, you will need some luck to defeat these extraordinary enemies in Heroic mode, but using the decks below, you will eventually be victorious.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


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This boss does not have a powerful deck and is not particularly strong (30 health points and 15 armour). What makes Razorgore so dangerous is his Corrupted Eggs, 0/3 minions that turn into 7/7 dragons when they win 5 life. His ability, The Rookery, puts forward a new egg each turn and grants a point of life for every egg on the board.

Strategy: The key to defeating this boss is dealing with the Corrupted Eggs, which have to be neutralised, stolen or destroyed before they turn into 7/7 dragons. Use spells or minions to silence, steal, or simply destroy those nasty eggs. If you can control their growth, you should defeat Razorgore with relative ease.

Deck (Priest): Holy Smite (2), Power Word: Shield (2), Northshire Cleric (2), Zombie Chow (2), Divine Spirit (2), Shadow Word: Pain (2), Ironbeak Owl (2), Unstable Ghoul (2), Shadow Word: Death (2), Dark Cultist (2), Deathlord (2), Mind Control Tech (2), Spellbreaker (2), Holy Nova (2), Maexxna (1), Kel'thuzad (1)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
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The battle with Vaelastraz is one of the most chaotic in the new adventure. While the boss itself is not particularly resistant (30 health points, 15 armour), Vaelastraz's ability, Red Essence, can have a devastating impact in a short time. At the beginning of each of the bosses' turns, both he and the player will draw three cards, while the boss also gains a mana crystal. His deck is not perfect, but it was built to benefit from the number of cards that both he and the player have to hand.

Strategy: To defeat Vaelastraz you have to start putting minions on the board early on, or your hand will fill in a few turns. Use low cost minions and try to benefit from some of the Druid's cards to gain advantage: Innervate is excellent for emptying your hand, Poison Seeds improves your minions and neutralises Vaelastraz's massive creatures, and Savage Roar is the card that will eventually lead you to victory.

Deck (Druid): Innervate (2), Claw (2), Argent Squire (2), Elven Archer (2), Goldshire Footman (2), Leper Gnome (2), Undertaker (2), Voodoo Doctor (2), Worgen Infiltrator (2), Zombie Chow (2), Mark of the Wild (2), Annoy-a-Tron (2), Haunted Creeper (2), Savage Roar (2), Poison Seeds (2)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


If the last two fights are not particularly difficult, this confrontation with Chromaggus is a scary challenge. Not only does he start with a staggering 60 points of health, his Brood Affliction affliction is devastating. At every turn, the Boss puts a card in the player's hand, which may have several beneficial effects to the boss if they remain in the player's hands. To neutralise these cards you need to play them, at 3 mana crystals.

Strategy: As each card Chromaggus puts in the player's hand costs 3 mana crystals, you cannot simply throw them at every turn, because that would mean you would not play at all. The problem is that you also can't let them accumulate, or otherwise you will give an overwhelming advantage to your opponent. The secret involves balancing what you keep and what you get rid of, while trying at the same time to maintain some control over the board. As the room for manoeuvre is very limited, the Priest and his skills that improve minions seemed the best option for the confrontation.

Deck (Priest): Circle of Healing (2), Inner Fire (2), Lightwarden (2), Mind Vision (2), Lightwell (2), Power Word: Shield (2), Northshire Cleric (2), Divine Spirit (2), Shadow Word: Pain (2), Annoy-a-Tron (2), Shadow Word: Death (2), Dark Cultist (2), Deathlord (2), Lightspawn (2), Maexxna (1), Kel'thuzad (1)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Lord Victor Nefarius

As will be no surprise to anyone that played World of Warcraft, Nefarius is in fact Blackwing, and his power is tremendous. This is possibly one of the most difficult and unfair battles in Blackrock Mountain, not because Blackwing has 30 health points and 50 armour, not because Blackwing can invoke a random spell from the player's class at each turn, but because this Boss starts the match with 10 mana crystals, against the player's lone mana crystal. Good luck...

Strategy: Few bosses have such a devastating advantage in the early game as Blackwing. The fact that he starts with 10 mana crystals means that in a short time he can fill the board with powerful minions. This also means that eventually, Blackwing will get few cards to play on his hand. The key to victory is to get some sort of board control, around turn four or five. Getting it is no easy task, but if you manage to get control over the board, you'll likely win this fight.

Deck (Paladin): Humility (2), Abusive Sergeant (2), Zombie Chow (2), Equality (2), Shielded Minibot (2), Doomsayer (1), Big Game Hunter (2), Muster for Battle (2), Aldor Peacekeeper (2), Arcane Golem (2) Truesilver Champion (2), Blessing of Kings (2), Consecration (2), Hammer of Wrath (2), Maexxna (1), Emperror Thaurissan (1), Kel'thuzad (1)


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