Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroic Guide: Blackrock Mountain Part 2

Things get heated on Molten Core, with some of the most challenging bosses yet to feature in Blizzard's CCG.

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If you've not already done so, we suggest you take a look at our Part 1 guide... Done? Good, then let us continue.


If things were not very dramatic with the first wing of Blackrock Mountain, the situation clearly became more complicated in the second. As the general theme of Blackrock is fire, that is thus the major focus of the three bosses you will face, and to overcome them you will have to use imaginative tactics and hope for a little luck along the way. Below you can find the best strategies to address each Boss and some cheap decks you can try - although we highly recommend you improve on them - to address each encounter.

Molten Core

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Blizzard continues to find creative ways of challenging the player, and Garr is another example of their perverse creativity. Garr starts the battle with 45 points of life and seven Firesworn minions in the board. His ability, Magma Pulse, costs 1 mana crystal and damages all lackeys by 1 damage. Garr always uses this ability at the beginning of its turn, without exception. What makes this battle so hard are the Firesworn, since when they die, they cause 3 damage to the player for each dead Firesworn that turn. This means if they die all at the same time (and this can happen as soon as the fifth turn), you can suffer 147 damage (the number multiplies up, so each of the seven will each hit you with 21 damage EACH).

Strategy: The strategy for Garr is very simple - you have to neutralise the Firesworn and the best way to do this is a Priest card called Mass Dispel. If you can use this card at the fourth turn, not only will you neutralise the Firesworn, but you will also prevent Garr from playing minions until they die, winning precious time. The Priest is also a good choice because it can heal its own minions, and you should choose them according to the benefits they might gain when damaged (such as the Gurubashi Berserker, for example).

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Deck (Priest): Holy Smite (2), Mind Vision (2), Power Word: Shield (2), Northshire Cleric (2), Zombie Chow (2), Divine Spirit (2), Shadow Word: Pain (2), Ironbeak Owl (2), Nerubian Egg (2), Raging Worgen (2), Shade of Naxxramas (2), Mass Dispel (2), Feugen (1), Grim Patron (2), Gurubashi Berserker (2), Stalagg (1)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Baron Geddon

This was one hard battle to conquer, but don't give up; you will eventually come out victorious. For starters, Geddon starts the match with 50 health and 50 armour, making 100 of life. Then, if you do not spend all your mana crystals in your turn, you will suffer 10 damage from Baron's ability, Ignite Mana. Finally, Geddon can place several bombs on your minions, which makes them explode in the next turn of Baron Geddon, causing 10 damage to the player and his minions.

Strategy: To get past this challenge you need to avoid two things: giving Geddon an excuse to use his ability and preventing your minions from exploding. In order to consume your entire mana each turn, you will need cards, lots of them, and no one can fulfil this extra supplement as well as the Warlock. As for the minions with bombs on them, you need to either kill them your turn (with spells or by throwing the ticking minion-bomb at an enemy), silence them, or summon them back to your hand. Another good alternative is to use minions that can not be the target of spells, such as the Spectral Knight or Shade of Naxxramas.

Deck (Warlock): Mortal Coil (2), Leper Gnome (2), Untertaker (2), Voidwalker (2), Zombie Chow (2), Drain Life (2), Shadow Bolt (2), Imp Gang Boss (2), Shade of Naxxramas (2), Hellfire (1), Wailing Soul (2), Antique Healbot (2), Feugen (1), Sludge Belcher (2), Spectral Knight (2), Stalagg (1), MajordomoExecutus (1)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Majordomo Executus (Ragnaros)

If you thought Baron Geddon was difficult, get ready for some pain in this dual confrontation. First you need to conquer Majordomo Executus, who starts the battle with 30 health and 15 armour and whose ability allows him to summon a 3/3 minion for two mana crystals. If and when you eventually defeat Majordomo, you will then face Ragnaros himself, who has 30 health and 30 armour. His ability allows him to cause 8 damage to two random enemies and the icing on the cake is that this deck is full of Molten Giants, 8/8 minions whose cost varies according to the health of the enemy. We once saw Majordomo play four Molten Giants in one turn - terrifying.

Strategy: To overcome this complicated challenge you need to setup the game so that you can defeat Majordomo and Ragnaros in as few turns as possible. So, first you need to control the board as effectively as possible (hard to do with Majordomo's ability), then you must strengthen your board with powerful or buffed minions, so you can apply a lot of damage to Majordomo, and then to Ragnaros. By the way, a little secret: it seems that if you the Warlock card, Bane of Doom, in Majordomo, Ragnaros will not be summoned (it's a bit of a cheat, but we won't tell).

Deck (Paladin): Blessing of Might (2), Blessing of Wisdom (2), Equality (2), Shade of Naxxramas (2), Aldor Peacekeeper (2), Dancing Swords (2), Truesilver Champion (2), Consecration (2), Hammer of Wrath (2), Blessing of Kings (2), Antique Healbot (2), Sluged Belcher (2) Blessed Champion (2), Feugen (1), Stalag (1), Kel'thuzad (1), Emperor Thaurissan (1)


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