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Headsnatchers coming to Nintendo Switch in November

This joins the already-announced PC and PS4 versions, letting you and your friends (or enemies) battle it out.

If you've had your eye on IguanaBee's Headsnatchers, you might be interested to hear that it's been revealed for the Nintendo Switch, with this version of the party game due to arrive in November.

Up to four friends can play together either locally and online, with the game featuring four modes and 25 unique levels. There's even a Zombie Castle to tackle in single-player, turning Headsnatchers into more of a platformer.

There are over 100 heads to choose from, as well as a 'Headitor' to customise your own cranial creation, so there's a lot of personalisation on offer.

Headsnatchers is also due to land on PC and PS4, except the release window for these hasn't been revealed yet.

Will you get involved with this party game?

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