Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale gets crazy launch trailer

The title is even available now on Game Pass.

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Headbangers: Rhythm Royale was released on Halloween and it frankly seems wonderful. In this music and pigeon-based rhythm game, you face off against 29 other pigeons in 23 different minigames, all while battling to become the Master Headbanger (finally a title worth fighting for).

The minigames will test the players "memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time, and most importantly... their ability to rap", and you can check out how this works in the release trailer below.

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is available for PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox (and is included with Game Pass).

Headbangers: Rhythm RoyaleHeadbangers: Rhythm Royale
Headbangers: Rhythm RoyaleHeadbangers: Rhythm Royale

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