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HCT in 2018 should 'up the level of play'

We spoke with esports manager Matt Wyble in Amsterdam.

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The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) has hit Amsterdam this weekend for the World Championships, with 16 of the best players battling it out for their share of the $1 million USD prize pool, and we talked to esports manager Matt Wyble at the event, who told us his pick for who would win going into the competition.

"This time I put my packs on Muzzy," he said. "I feel like it's Muzzy's time. He's been sort of the - it's almost a now to say this - but he's the player that other players always reference as being really, really, really good, and I think that's translated to a ton of success in Last Call to get him here, and I think he's really put in the work, so I think he's been my pick all along."

Muzzy is unfortunately out of the competition already, but looking ahead to 2018, Wyble said: "We have a ton of stuff planned for this year. I think one of the biggest things we're doing is the Hearthstone Masters System, which allows our top pros... we're giving them a lot more opportunities to be rewarded for being the top players in the game. Seeing how that unfolds is going to be really interesting."

"[This is] combined with the Hearthstone Championship Tour's Tour Stops, which are kind of an evolution of our old Major system. So we're doing more of those events in more regions. Combined with the Masters System, which will allow players to travel to a lot more events and be funded in doing so, we think that's gonna really up the level of play in those tournaments, and I think it's almost gonna operate like a regular season for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. Instead of just seeing a huge playoff or pinnacle Championship event, you can also follow a little bit throughout the tour stuff."

You can find more of the HCT changes here, but what do you think of them?


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