HBO's The Last of Us changes the fate of a character

Casting reveals one major difference between the game and show.

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Back in March, The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann revealed that parts of the HBO series adaption will deviate greatly from the game, but didn't want to specify how. Now we've learned about one of them in a surprising way.

Deadline has once again had the honour of announcing some of the new actors cast in HBO's The Last of Us, and all of them are interesting in different ways. The first one is that Jeffrey Pierce, who is Joel's brother Tommy in the games, will be a new character named Perry. One of the reasons why Pierce won't reprise his role as Tommy is obviously that Gabriel Luna has been tasked with that. This also makes him the second The Last of Us actor cast in the show.

The other interesting detail, and the one revealing a difference between the game and show, is that Murray Bartlett and Con O'Neil have been cast as Frank and Bill. For those of you who haven't played the first game or need a reminder: Bill is the guy Joel and Ellie meet in the isolated town filled with traps because he owes Joel a favour. In the game, Frank, who's Bill partner, has hung himself after getting infected, but it sounds like we'll actually get to see the two work together in the show. One aspect that makes this especially interesting is that it's implied that Bill is homosexual and loves Frank in the game, which could mean Druckmann and crew wants to explore this more this time around.

HBO's The Last of Us changes the fate of a character

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