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Have you played the PS5 Simulator?

Small free game where your goal is to setup your new console.

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It's not quite the same as having a PlayStation 5, but it can be a fun way while waiting for it. We're talking about the PS5 Simulator, a small free game created by Alex Grade, where the goal is precisely to setup the PS5, while playing with a first person perspective in a physics heavy environment (think Octodad, but less clumsy).

The player gets the PS5 delivered at his house, in a box, and the first task is to find something sharp to open it. After that you need to look for an extension in the house to connect to the socket and... well, it's a short game, so you might as well try it - like we said, it's free and only 947MB.

You can download the PS5 Simulator right here.

Have you played the PS5 Simulator?

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