The Division

Has The Division been visually downgraded?

Rumour: Insider suggests marketing politics and stability are behind visual shift.

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We all know how Watch Dogs went from a groundbreaking E3 demo to visually humdrum open world game. While Ubisoft never officially acknowledged it purposely downgraded the game, the same is already happening with another Ubi title, The Division, according to "insider information" posted by Whatifgaming.

The insider claims that the Swedish developer, Ubisoft Massive, has been forced to cut back some features to accommodate the PS4 and Xbox One versions and prevent the PC version from looking superior in comparison.

"It definitely is not just stability but marketing politics plays into this a lot as well," the source said.

It looks like console manufacturers and publishing executives are actively putting pressure on developers to deliver platform parity and "not to alienate people into thinking that next generation is not as powerful as PC".

Of those features that have been cut the source mentions screen space reflections which have been reduced "a lot". While still looking good, the source says not to expect the same level of detail as seen in the reveal demo.

The Division

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