Has FIFA's Ultimate Team mode been bugged for years?

Player-driven investigation points to a glitch in the system.

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Get your tin foil hats ready, we've got an intriguing story for you this morning, after FIFA players uncovered a bug in FIFA Ultimate Team that may well have been hidden in plain sight since as far back as FIFA 09.

In Ultimate Team players build a team by balancing individual ability and team chemistry, buying booster packs that include players and so on (kind of like a digital sticker book that you can play with - and when you put it like that, you can see why the mode does such good business for EA).

As you can read over in the full writeup on Reddit, players have been investigating an apparent bug that handicaps the abilities of the rarer - and more expensive - players in FUT.

According to YouTuber RighteousOnyx, as part of his investigation, he was able to raise the dribble level of a vanilla player in FUT, using normal team chemistry so he could then perform an advanced dribble move. Standard FUT stuff.

Then, using the special edition of the same player, with the same chemistry used to raise him above the threshold for the same move, he was not able to perform the advanced dribble.

This has prompted claims that there's a bug affecting the game. Is this even the case or is it a one off? Is every special player in FUT held back by the issue, and if so, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

With the popularity of FUT continuously growing, EA will want to clear things up before any damage is done to the Ultimate Team brand. We'd suggest reading the full explanation if you're interested in knowing more.


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