Dishonored 2

Harvey Smith; "We're not even close to fully mapping all of the things that would be fun to play with"

We spoke with Arkane Austin's director about what how the studio incorporate weather into their titles.

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As part of the Fun & Serious 2020 festival, we had the opportunity to catch up with Arkane Austin's director Harvey Smith, where we chatted about how the studio uses weather to accentuate its titles. When asked about Dishonored 2's weather-like abilities, Smith replied.

"We draw from all of the things that are sort of primarily powerful, what if I could push somebody over a ledge with wind. And our artists put artists put a lot of effort into, in Karnaca and Dunwall different times of day and different skies and things like that. But, it feels like a dynamic weather system and how it influences the ecology, whether the area is wet or dry, or whether fire spreads. There are so many areas where you could start exploring, if you wanted to make a game and you wanted to go deep in that area - especially weather over the passage of time or vast amounts of time.

It just feels like there is so much left to explore in games. We're not even close to fully mapping all of the things that would be fun to play with."

To check out more of our interview with Harvey Smith, be sure to check out the video below, or alternatively head over here to check out what Smith said about Dishonored's tech issues.


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