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Dishonored 2

Harvey Smith on Dishonored: "half of the tech issues were my fault"

Arkane Austin director gives us a pretty honourable answer when looking back at their beloved saga and how they're "making progress" on their next game.

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The other day, and within the framework of Fun & Serious 2020, we had the pleasure to talk with Arkane Austin's director Harvey Smith. In the exclusive Gamereactor interview below we touch upon several Arkane-related topics and current affairs, but while the studio is "making progress" despite the current global situation, the time to talk about their new game hasn't come yet, so we also took a look back at the highly acclaimed 2012's Dishonored and 2016's Dishonored 2:


"Well, at the end of the day, all I can see is the games as they exist in their final form, and the experiences I had with the teammates, and both of those things I'm just incredibly proud of", says Smith when asked about the feedback from fans, the things they might have done differently, and what he's more proud about.

"I have memories about standing on stage and announcing that Emily Kaldwin was going to be the main character in Dishonored 2, which was very powerful", he continues recalling E3 2015, "and so many people reacted positively to that. I do hear from people that love the second game more, or people that love the first game more... I think it just depends on what you are into, and taste and all that. Seeing an older Corvo in the second game was very cool I thought, having all of his powers and all of Emily's powers... But as far as what we'd do different, it's a very dangerous game to play because some of what is great about those games only happened because of some of the mistakes we made along the way, and of course, I regret any technical problems we had, but half of the time those were my fault because I pushed for more features or wasn't disciplined enough to cut things off earlier so that the tech guys didn't have time to polish things, but anytime the game runs bad on somebody's video card or whatever you feel bad about that, of course, but otherwise the games and the teams... I love both of those games, they're eight years of experience, from Dishonored, though the Daud DLC, to Dishonored 2 with Emily, through Death of the Outsider with Billie Lurk... It's all stuff I love".

The honest thoughts and reasoning behind performance issues come right when certain game has released on a terrible state on some platforms.

What do you expect by Arkane Austin next? How would the Dishonored 3 of your dreams be? Leave a comment below

Dishonored 2

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