Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite events honour Dumbledore's legacy

Some of the upcoming events include a community day and a week-long event themed around the legendary headmaster of Hogwarts.

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Niantic has announced several new events that will be taking place throughout January that are set to recall memories of the famous wizard Dumbledore, and players will be expected to "channel the wisdom, perseverance and love" he embodied in order to beat back the ongoing calamity at hand, which is bringing back some of the foul memories of his conflict with the dark lord.

The first one is a frosty foundable event that started yesterday and will end on January 14, where you'll be rescuing helpless foundables from those pesky ice confoundables. Afterwards, there'll be a community day on the January 18 focused on returning various wonders of the wizarding world (such as the Foe Glass and Whomping Willow) in order to reveal the secrets of the Room of Requirement Registry Page.

Dumbledore's big event, on the other hand, will be split into two, with the first part taking place between January 21 and 28. This one will have you remembering the famed Hogwarts headmaster by returning Brilliant Foundables such as the wizard himself and his pet phoenix Fawkes.

Part 2 will kick off in February, where you can expect to instead honour his legacy by finding and returning foundables related to Dumbeldore's fight against 'He-who-must-not-be-named', or Lord Voldermort for short.

Will you be hopping back into the mobile wizarding world to help out?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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