Harmonix pulls the plug on DJ game Fuser

The game will still be operational but will lose online functionality and will not be sold on digital stores later this month.

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Harmonix was once known as a developer who revolutionised the gaming industry, thanks to Rock Band and Guitar Hero and the plastic peripherals each required to play. But, that was quite some time ago now, and the developers efforts ever since have failed to quite captivate gamers in the same way, with the latest title being Fuser, a game that will soon be shut down.

Due to lacklustre sales and expensive rights, the game will soon be closed down, and on December 19, the plug will be pulled for good. This means that both the game and its DLC will completely disappear from all online stores.

However, if you already own, or intend to buy the game before then, you will still have access to them even after the 19th - albeit without online functionality.


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