Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Harebrained taking a break from Shadowrun

When they return it will likely be in full 3D and definitely in a new location.

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We recently had a chat with Harebrained Schemes' co-founder Mitch Gitelman, about BattleTech, Necropolis and the studio in general. Currently the Shadowrun: Hong Kong is working on a mini-campaign that was part of their commitment in the Kickstarter, but after that the team will be absorbed by the BattleTech team and it will be a while until we see another Shadowrun game from Harebrained after three releases in three years.

Gitelman noted that they're "going to step back from Shadowrun for a while, let people rest. We put out three games in three years. A couple of things about Shadowrun. First of all we love Shadowrun. Shadowrun is now part of the DNA of our studio now and so for example, on the anniversary of the Shadowrun Returns kickstarter, we celebrate. We get a cake."

He went on the formulate an idea of what direction they'll likely go when they return to the franchise:

"When we return to Shadowrun we intend to return to a different place in the world, to see how you know, 50 years and the return of magic affects different cultures around the world. We think that's fun. Shadowrun Hong Kong, the story couldn't have happened anywhere else other than Hong Kong, just like Berlin in Dragonfall. It couldn't have happened anywhere else other than the city of Berlin. So that's what we are attempting to do as we go all around the world but, I think the game will need to take a different form in the future. Probably fully 3D. We'll see what happens. We have to keep up with the times."

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong was released on Steam in August and is currently available for half its original price during the Winter Sale. The full interview with Mitch Gitelman will be published on the site this Friday.

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