Harebrained Schemes on polishing Necropolis ahead of release

Necropolis is to 80s D&D what Cabin in the Woods is to horror flicks.

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We were joined by art director Chris Rogers and project lead Chris Kohnert from Harebrained Schemes to learn more about their upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler Necropolis.

"What if Dark Souls and Spelunky had a baby, and then that baby tried to kill you over and over again," replied Rogers when asked for the elevator pitch.

We asked what came first the concept or the artstyle (a great fit with the procedural nature of the game):

"What really came first was the sense of humour for the game," says Rogers. "The whole game is written like an 80s D&D manual, but kind of turned on its head. So if you're familiar with the movie Cabin in the Woods and the way it took horror movie tropes and made fun of them, that's what this game is going to do with 80s D&D."


"Right now we're just trying to polish and fix all the last minute bugs," says Kohnert. "We're actually looking to release on Steam on July 12th and Xbox and PlayStation versions will follow after later this summer. We're just madly fixing bugs as much as we can."


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"Necropolis is designed to be played with friends; playing alone can be frustratingly difficult."

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