Civilization VI

Harald Hardrada set to lead Norway in Civilization VI

England's 1066 nemesis shall rule the sea.

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2K and Firaxis Games revealed today that Harald today revealed that Harald Hardrada will be Norway's leader in in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

Hardrada was known for being a strong and powerful leader, waging war with England until he perished in the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, but he was also progressive, with peace flourishing in Norway as it was united under a strong government, new technology and religious advancement.

As a result of Hardrada's tendency to wage war abroad, all his naval units have the ability to do coastal raids as well as being able to heal in neutral territory. The unique unit for Norway is the Berserker, costing less movement to pillage and having an attack bonus, although it is more vulnerable when defending. Sounds like Norway should be played like a powerful Barbarian state to us.

The Stave Church is the unique building to Norway, having the benefits of a temple while also getting a health bonus when adjacent to woods. Since Norway are a naval civilisation there is also no cost to embark or disembark and once you research shipbuilding all naval and embarked units may move onto ocean tiles.

For more on Civilization VI before its release on PC on October 21 check out our recent hands-on impressions.

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