Tekken 7

Harada is considering expanding Tekken 7 with paid DLC

Though personally he's always thought that "fighting games were best made as a package".

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While Tekken Tag Tournament 2 did feature some free DLC in the shape of characters, skins, and stages, a lot has happened since its release, particularly with the new model employed by Street Fighter V as well as numerous free-to-play iterations of popular fighting games.

So we asked Katsuhiro Harada, whether he'd be interested in expanding Tekken 7 post-release in this fashion and this was his reply:

"Personally, I've always thought that fighting games were best made as a package, you release it, the players enjoy it for however long they want. And when you want to do something new, like change the gameplay mechanics or content, you release a different package. I always thought that was the best model for fighting games, but recently with the digital purchases and such a lot of people, the players especially, are saying that they don't mind paying, that they still want to see some new content after release. So since the voices are becoming more and more larger, I guess you could say, it is something that we want to think about seriously and perhaps change our point of view."

Tekken 7

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