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Mafia III

Hangar 13 seems to imply a new Mafia game is in the making

Is developer Hangar 13 working on a new Mafia game alongside the remake of the original?

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Hangar 13's first Mafia game, Mafia III, wasn't exactly what the fans had hoped for. Fortunately, this seems to have been redeemed as the Mafia developer later announced the Mafia: Definitive Edition that's set to release in September. But what's next for the studio?

A clue to this was possibly revealed in a recent interview with IGN, where the Hangar 13 boss Haden Blackman says this regarding the Definitive Edition and the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Mafia series, which is only two years off:

"We have a number of people on the team who worked on the original Mafia, and they saw it as a good opportunity as we were bridging the gap between Mafia 3 and the next project we're working on. And I agreed."

What this "next project" is, is of course unknown, but it is obviously "bridging the gap" to Mafia III. It does sound like we're about to get more Mafia in the future, doesn't it?

Mafia III

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